Skyroot Kalpana Chawla Fellowship Program Is a Game-Changer for Students

sykroot kalpana chawla fellowship

Skyroot is one of the leading space-take private companies in India. at the same time, they plan to send a rocket into space mint of 2024, as of now they have released a fellowship program for women, especially college students.

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In this Program you can get hands-on experience in space text projects mentoring by experts, etc,… if you want to register means go through the website, but before that you have to notice one thing the fellowship program where I will be held is offline itself.

How to apply for Skyroot Fellowship program

On the sky route will provide a stipend to selected students. candidates who are interested in this program I will give the application link in this blog go through the details where given on their web page and submit your application. last but not least don’t forget this, they will conduct some tests to select the fellows. applications are open now you can apply through you can submit your application from 20 February to 20 March 2024.

Apply here:

All the best and don’t forget to share this wonderful opportunity with your friends circles.

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